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Friday June 5th, 2020 by SerranoCarlos

To all parishioners and visitors to Umeda Sacra Famiglia Church

(English Community)

I am Father Carlos.

I want to answer this important question: How can we restart in this new stage to celebrate mass in this particular place? I have followed this process:

  1. I have been able to dialogue calmly with Bishop Sakai about the orientation of Sacra Family from June.
  2. We have celebrated Pastoral Council with English, Japanese and Latins community leaders to hear everybody.
  3. We have celebrated Block priest’s meeting.
  4. Once more time, I have celebrated Pastoral Council again.

After due consideration and discussion with the Pastoral Council and Priests, we have taken the following steps to provide spiritual support whilst also ensuring the safety of all who attend our church.



I want to share with you  the discernment:

  1. About Sacra Familia place and community’s place:

In the Main temple of Sacra there are not windows, air cannot be replaced 100%, shutting tightly, crowd. Is not easy to maintain social distance due to number of people (about five hundred people in our English Community, about four hundred Japanese people and about one hundred fifty people including Indonesians and Latins). Our community is very special because quite number of people from other parishes and tourists attend here in our multi-cultural Church. The risk is high. We have to be prudent.

  1. Live stream International Masses


JUNE 14, 21 and 28: International Mass will be broadcast as follows: On-line from 9 am from Sacra Famiglia church. To participate, click on Sacra Familia Home page.

From 5 July:          English mass will be broadcast at 9 h

Japanese mass will be broadcast at 11 h

  1. For further information,

Check the church notice board, home page, the Internet, or phone the Church office.

  1. Sunday 7 June there is not mass. We have final Pastoral Council. After that, from Monday 8 June we will show new decisions. This decision is very important, for this reason I want to think calmly to protect all life.
  1. This week we have had some problems in home page. For this reason we could not inform before. Sorry.


Thank you

for your understanding and cooperation.


May God bless you.

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