To all parishioners and visitors to Umeda Sacra Famiglia Church (English-speaking Community)

Thursday July 30th, 2020 by MenesesAlexis

I am Father Carlos. From April, I was given a new responsibility as 主任司祭 (in charge of Umeda Block: two parishes, Umeda and Sekime churches).
Due to the CORONA VIRUS, we have not been able to dialogue or speak calmly about this situation, but this is a great change for us.

I want to answer this important question: How can we restart in this new stage, to celebrate Mass in this particular place? I have followed this process:

a) I have been able to dialogue calmly with Bishop Sakai about the orientation of Sacra Family from June.
b) We have convened the Pastoral Council with the English speaking, Japanese and Latin community leaders to hear everybody’s point of view.
c) We have held the Block priests’ meeting.
d) I have convened a second Pastoral Council

After due consideration and discussion with the Pastoral Council and Priests, we have taken the following steps to provide spiritual support while also ensuring the safety of all who attend our church:



I want to share my discernment with you:

1. About Sacra Familia and the community space:

There are no windows in Sacra Famiglia’s Main Chapel. The air cannot therefore be 100%, replaced. We have a large number of worshippers (approximately five hundred in our English-speaking community, four hundred Japanese and one hundred and fifty including Indonesians and Latins.) If the chapel doors are shut tight, such large numbers of worshippers cannot easily keep social distance. Our community is very special because a considerable number of worshippers from other parishes as well as  tourists attend our multi-cultural Church. The risk of Covid 19 infection is high. We must be alert.

2. Live stream masses broadcast

To participate, click on Sacra Familia Home page.

Each Sunday:          English Mass  9 h

                                 Japanese Mass 11 h

3.Personal attendance at Sacra Famiglia Masses.

There will initially be 12 masses each month. However, personal attendance will be limited to 50 people. Only people who registered, can attend mass.

There will be three ways to do registration:

  1. Write your registration to this email:
  2. Fill up  registration paper from the Office.
  3. By calling or message to this number phone (080-3814-5321)

Please register the names of the people attending the mass with you.

4.There will be 12 English masses each month on Saturdays and Sundays (below):

You can choose weekly masses (maximum will be 50 people of each mass).

SATURDAY EVENING                      7:00  PM

SUNDAY MORNING                        9: 00 AM

SUNDAY AFTERNOON                    1:00  PM

SATURDAY EVENING                      7:00  PM

MORNING                     9:00  AM  

SUNDAY AFTERNOON                   1: 00 PM

SATURDAY EVENING                     7:00 PM

SUNDAY MORNING                        9:00 AM  

SUNDAY AFTERNOON                   1:00  PM

5. For further information,

   Check the church notice board, home page, the Internet, or phone the Church office.

Finally, when we find ourselves in difficult situations, we always have the chance to mature as human beings and Christians. Nobody can control this CORONA VIRUS situation . But must be alert.

Thank you ,

for your understanding and cooperation and May God bless you.

Father Carlos (2020-7-31)

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